Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Introductions and Revise, Refresh, Revive Your Embroidery!

Let's introduce ourselves: Gilli in Somerset and Maria in Dorset, UK - two friends who love to Stitch Together!!
We often have play days together, meet at the Embroiderers' Guild branch in Bradford Abbas, West Country Embroiderers in Sherborne and the Embellishing Group in Bishops Caundle. 
Recently we have set up a group on Facebook which we have called Revise, Refresh, Revive and our aim is to work through certain Chapters of books we both own which have been sitting on our bookshelves for too long unused.  
We work through these projects independently at home and it's amazing 'how different the same' can be.
Our first post on our blog shows photos of our work as we revise, refresh and revive our embroidery and textile art. Our first chosen book is the Machine Embroidery Workbook by Val Campbell-Harding and Maggie Grey and we have taken the very simple project in Chapter Two, which calls for bonding of shapes to a background and applying the same to the background with machine straight stitch in the first instance and using the 'utility' stitches on the machine for the second example. This very basic idea has produced some interesting pieces of work and has proved to us the importance of 'reviewing' some of the older books we possess.

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