Tuesday, 20 January 2015

New Year New Start

Its time to start again for the New Year.

I needed to create something !
This is the start of a piece of work inspired by my friend Angie Hughes who is just amazing. As my needle case is slowly falling apart and no where near big enough, it is my plan to create a holder for them plus extra space to tuck all my other bits and bobs that end up inside my needle case, so I have started out with velvet fabric and bondaweb and my collection of foils and sweetie wrappers! and had fun.
Today I shall be starting the machine embroidery which is the exciting part.
Watch this space for progress.



  1. Nice to see that you're busy again.

  2. Hi Maria, this looks amazing and took me back to Angie's workshop which was so good. Looking forward to seeing it after you've stitched it.

    Karen x

  3. Thank you Karen, Angie was such fun wish we were having here again this year.

  4. Thanks Angie, its all your fault, you got me started on the foiling, so addictive. Bless you, hope you are well and keeping busy hope to see you soon x


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