Friday, 23 January 2015

 Next stage of Needle Case

 Stitching is done and the edges are done and the twisted glitter cords have been added now. I have redone the edging today as I was not happy with the look !
Happy with it now.

This shows the inside finished with a pocket with a KAM Snap
fitted ( new toy from my daughter, used for the first time brilliant gadet, thanks Kayella) to hold my embroidery scissors to which I added a sweet pair of PINK handled nice sharp scissors and a little pair on the out side of the pocket to reminded me what the pocket it for and not stuff it full of other bits !
Pages 8 of these for all my needles, gosh I am going to be so organized and on the right are 4 small pockets for my bits and bobs will also take packets of needles as well, can you see the needle stitched above the pockets?

well I have really enjoyed making this and designing as I go along is such fun.


  1. Somebody is getting just a bit too smart! :-)

  2. Glad to meet you! I am having a lot of fun seeing all the great inspiration, so many new ideas! I never thought to use foils. I look forward to your future projects. L


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